Enjoy the Blue Chip Championships


For registered horses to be ridden by Adult, Associate or Junior members.


The first 8 horses qualify, but they must jump clear in the first round, or jump clear in both phases if run Single Phase. Qualification does not pass down the line.


Table: A7 or single-phase    Speed: 350mpm    Number to Qualify: 8


Height: 1.25m     Spread: 1.60m


Qualified riders need to register their details at http://www.bluechipchamps.co.uk/qualification/ to receive a Championship schedule.


Class Venues and Dates

VenueQualifier Date(s)Venue Status
SOLIHULL26 September, 2019 - 28 September, 2019GA
PYECOMBE27 September, 2019 - 29 September, 2019GA
CHERWELL4 October, 2019GA
AINTREE (Winter Classic)10 October, 2019 - 13 October, 2019GA
CROFTON MANOR (Winter Classic)18 October, 2019 - 20 October, 2019GA
VALE VIEW19 October, 2019GA
NORTHCOTE26 October, 2019GA
WELLINGTON28 October, 2019GA
ADDINGTON (Winter Classic)1 November, 2019 - 3 November, 2019GA
CHARD2 November, 2019 - 3 November, 2019GA
BURY FARM8 November, 2019 - 10 November, 2019GA
HARTPURY (Winter Classic)13 November, 2019 - 15 November, 2019GA
MORRIS (Winter Classic)16 November, 2019 - 18 November, 2019GA
ARENA UK (Winter Classic)29 November, 2019 - 1 December, 2019GA
ONLEY GROUNDS3 January, 2020 - 4 January, 2020GA
AINTREE23 January, 2020 - 26 January, 2020GA
BURY FARM (Winter Classic)24 January, 2020 - 26 January, 2020GA
ADDINGTON1 February, 2020 - 2 February, 2020GA
CHARD7 February, 2020 - 9 February, 2020GA
KEYSOE (Winter Classic)7 February, 2020 - 9 February, 2020GA
RODBASTON15 February, 2020CANC
JM EQUESTRIAN (at REC)15 February, 2020 - 16 February, 2020GA
SOUTH VIEW (Winter Classic)21 February, 2020 - 23 February, 2020GA
RODBASTON29 February, 2020GA

Status Key: Going Ahead (GA) Cancelled (CANC)

Please note that the status of each venue is provided by the show director for that venue. The Blue Chip Championship cannot be held responsible for any inaccurate information displayed above.

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