Only 200 Days till the Blue Chip Championships


For registered ponies in grade JD & JC which have not won a total of 700 points to be ridden by Junior members. 

The first 8 ponies qualify. Qualification does not pass down the line. 

Table: A7 or Single-Phase   Speed: 325mpm    BS Rule: 404 

There will be dual qualification of double clears for the Pony Foxhunter second round.

Height: 1.10m (two fences 1.15m)    Spread: 1.15m

Qualified riders need to register their details at

Class Venues and Dates

VenueQualifier Date(s)Venue Status
VALE VIEW2 October, 2021GA
CHERWELL9 October, 2021 - 10 October, 2021GA
BURY FARM16 October, 2021 - 17 October, 2021GA
KELSALL HILL16 October, 2021 - 17 October, 2021GA
CHARD23 October, 2021 - 24 October, 2021GA
DUCKHURST24 October, 2021GA
NORTHCOTE STUD5 November, 2021 - 7 November, 2021GA
FOREST EDGE6 November, 2021 - 7 November, 2021GA
MOORES FARM7 November, 2021GA
NEWBOLD VERDON14 November, 2021GA
GRACELANDS20 November, 2021GA
SNEC20 November, 2021 - 21 November, 2021GA
DENBIGH & FLINT (@ Northrop)27 November, 2021 - 28 November, 2021GA
LEYLAND COURT27 November, 2021GA
SOUTH VIEW11 December, 2021 - 12 December, 2021GA
BADGWORTH12 December, 2021GA
WELLINGTON19 December, 2021GA
HARROGATE28 December, 2021GA
KEYSOE INTERNATONAL28 December, 2021 - 30 December, 2021GA
ONLEY GROUNDS8 January, 2022GA
MORRIS (Premier)8 January, 2022 - 9 January, 2022GA
THE GRANGE8 January, 2022GA
WEST WILTS15 January, 2022GA
AINTREE (Premier)22 January, 2022 - 23 January, 2022GA
GOLDEN CROSS5 February, 2022GA
SOUTH VIEW (Premier)5 February, 2022 - 6 February, 2022GA
COLRAINE6 February, 2022GA
NORFOLK SJ CLUB12 February, 2022GA
KEYSOE INTERNATIONAL (Premier)19 February, 2022 - 20 February, 2022GA
BERKS & OXFORD ACADEMY (@ Bury Farm)21 February, 2022 - 22 February, 2022GA
ARENA UK (Premier)5 March, 2022 - 6 March, 2022GA

Status Key: Going Ahead (GA) Cancelled (CANC)

Please note that the status of each venue is provided by the show director for that venue. The Blue Chip Championship cannot be held responsible for any inaccurate information displayed above.

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