Enjoy the Blue Chip Championships

HAYGAIN haysteamers Diamond Winter Classic completed on Sunday, 14th April, 2019

first in class

Winner: Sophie Corney and Lapaloma
Owned by

second in class

Second: Sophie Corney and Zula Maeva
Owned by

third in class

Third: Megan White and Waydeste
Owned by

General Placings

4th Miss Silver Dollar / Devon Grimes 5th J'S Anastasia /Rachel Hall 6th Nansus Sequin / Alexandra Wilson 7th Gypsy Rose II / Christina Faulkner 8th Casablanca Helena / Amy Jones 9th Eclips Girl / Victoria Blizzard 10th Maddison VI / Samantha Matson 11th Ballinvalley Touch / Kathy Williams 12th Vis Del Vergante / Kerry French

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Haygain hay steamers are a range of scientifically proven hay steamers that eliminate respirable dust in hay and haylage by killing mould spores and bacteria to produce hygienically clean forage. The Haygain method uses the patented, proven manifold spike system designed to push steam into the centre of the hay and ensures all of the hay is steamed fully. This is located in a double-skinned, insulated container which is attached to a purpose-built steam generator.

Available in four models: The HG2000, most suitable for 4+ horses and steams a small strung bale of hay or up to 35kg of loose hay, haynets or haylage. The HG600 is ideal for 1-4 horses, holding a half bale of hay or 15kg of loose hay, haynets or haylage. The HG-GO is designed for the competition horse for freshly steamed forage whilst away from home. This collapsible bag holds two haynets or 12kg of loose hay or haylage. Steamed hay is ready to feed immediately after steaming cycles of around 60 minutes depending on the amount of hay. Complete nutritional value and goodness are maintained with improved palatability.

The new Haygain Forager: a healthy, stress-free slow feeder that lets the horse graze with a natural position and behaviour. The Forager regulates your horse’s eating pace thanks to its forage regulators, which have apertures of varying shapes and sizes allowing your horse to naturally forage without causing stress!

Web: http://www.haygain.co.uk/

Email: info@haygain.com