Thank you for a Fantastic Blue Chip Championships. See you in 2023.

FMBs THERAPY SYSTEMS STAR CHAMPIONSHIP completed on Thursday, 7th April, 2022

first in class

Winner: Emily Morris and BEAN CRUISING
Owned by Emily Morris

second in class

Second: Pippa Taylor and TEQUILA SUNRISE III
Owned by Pippa Taylor

third in class

Third: Emma-Jo Slater and KINGS OF LEON
Owned by Kim Barzilay

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FMBs Therapy Systems supply advanced equine physiotherapy equipment to enhance suppleness, fitness and rehabilitation. Our equipment includes the Activo-Med Pulsed Electromagnetic and Massage Rugs, Leg Wraps, Boots, Pads, and low level Laser Clusters & Pens.

We also supply the Vibro Combi Floor (combined vibration+PEMF+weigh scales), Dry and Water Treadmills, Cold Salt Water Spas, Solariums, Nebulisers, Cold Leg Therapy and Equisox Leg Compression Socks. To find out more please contact us on 01494 883433 or visit


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