Enjoy the Blue Chip Championships

blue chip stable and hookups

Stables and Hookups during the Championships

The Blue Chip Championships are able to offer 180 permanent stables along with barn type temporary stables. Approximately 100 of the permanent stables will be allocated in the order that entries are received, with the remaining permanent stables initially reserved for sponsors and grand prix riders.

If all permanent stables and temporary barn stables have been allocated then the Organisers will provide standard (3m x 3m) temporary stabling. Notification will not be provided to those allocated temporary barn stables. Lighting is not provided in temporary stables.

General Rules and Regulations

All Stables must be booked on the Official Entry Form by (March 26, 2019) and paid for in advance. Please see the General Rules and Regulations in the Championship Schedule for cancellations. Any damage caused to permanent or temporary stables will be charged to the hirer.

Please note straw is not permitted in any stable.

Occupancy of the Stable

Stable hire is from 6.00pm on the day of arrival till 5.00pm on the day of departure. Stables must be vacated on time so that incoming horses may be stabled.

Natural Flake Shavings

Although bedding may be in the stable from previous occupants, bedding is not provided. If required, Natural Flake Shavings may be purchased from the Stable Manager at £6.50 per bag. For further information regarding Natural Flake Shavings please visit www.awjenkinson.co.uk. Please note straw is not permitted in any stable.

Vaccination Certificate

All horses and ponies must have a current and valid certificate of vaccination against Equine Influenza. There will be random checking of certificates and any horse or pony found without a valid certificate will not be permitted to remain at the Show.

Showground and Stable Access

Horses may arrive on the showground from 2.00pm on Tuesday 9 April and the Show Ground entrance will close at 11.30pm. Access to the Show Ground will be from 6.00am – 11.00pm on show days; with the exception that the entrance will close an hour after the completion of competition on Friday 12 April. Outside these times the entrance will be opened for emergency access only.

Horses/Ponies requiring stabling must arrive on the showground before 8.00pm. Should any competitor be delayed, they must contact the Stable Manager on 07779 788014.

Stable Manger’s Office is open daily from 7.00am – 8.30pm.

Electric Lorry Hook Up

Limited 6amp electrical hook up are available for horseboxes for the period that the Competitor is staying on the Show Ground. Competitors must have a 16amp (blue socket) extension cable to connect to the socket supplied by the Organiser.

It is the responsibility of the Competitor to ensure that all their cables and electrical equipment complies with current electrical regulations. Competitors must ensure that all electrical items in their horseboxes have a current PAT Certificate.

Whist the Organiser endeavour to supply the hook up booked the Organiser does not guarantee a constant supply throughout the Show, nor do we accept any responsibility for losses and / or discomfort occurring as a result of a break in the supply provided. Electrical connection must be booked on the Entry Form by March 26, 2019 and is on a strictly first come basis.

No refunds can be made on any cancelled hook up bookings.

Further Information for the Blue Chip Championship Finals