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Sponsors of the Blue Chip Championships

The organisers of the Blue Chip Championships would like to thank all our sponsors for their most generous support. Please support our sponsors.

Title Sponsor

Blue Chip Feed – The Feed Balancer Specialists

Deciding which brand and products to feed can be tricky, but we're here to help with FREE nutritional advice, we're ALWAYS happy to chat about the individual needs of your pony or horse.

There are loyalty points available on every purchase made, a subscription option saving you 10% OFF RRP and ensuring ease of supply, it's even FREE delivery! There's also an Ambassador Club you can join, to earn even more rewards, which can be used to obtain money off any Blue Chip products you wish, both feed and merchandise. We're sustainable too, with most of the range available in eco-friendly packaging, limiting plastic usage and reducing the carbon footprint of delivery!

Blue Chip are passionate about helping your ponies and horses be the best that they can be, by producing feed balancers and supplements which correctly deliver the very best nutrition.

At the forefront of modern nutrition Blue Chip have a range to suit all types of ponies and horses. Choosing a Blue Chip feed balancer is the easiest way to ensure that your horse's digestive health is taken care of on a daily basis, whilst making sure they are receiving the correct levels of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. All Blue Chip feed balancers are whole-cereal and molasses free, making them very low in sugar and starch.

Alongside their well-known range of bagged balancers; Lami Light (the ultimate diet balancer), Native (for natives and hardy types), Original (for exceptional top line and condition), and Pro (for performance and growing youngstock), Blue Chip’s revolutionary Super Concentrated Balancer range supports feeding good doers, with functional ingredients.

The super concentrated balancers are formulated to target specific feeding or behavioural problems you may face. Feed balancers in the super concentrated range include; Low Calorie (for those requiring minimal starch and sugar), Calming (for calming and anti-stress), Senior (to support those over the age of 14), Joint Care (for supported daily joint health) and Ulsa-Cool (for digestive support).

Blue Chip supplements are available for calming (liquid Karma), joint care (Joint RLF and Dynamic), respiration and daily health (liquid Garliq) plus a fertility supplement for stallions (Stallion SPM-21).


You can contact Blue Chip on 0114 266 6200, visit their website or their active social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. social @bluechipfeed

t: 0114 266 6200
web: website

Official Bedding Supplier

A.W Jenkinson Forest Products

A.W Jenkinson Forest Products was formed in the mid- 1960s when founder, Allan Jenkinson, took the initiative to collect unwanted sawdust and wood shavings from the sawmills of Cumbria and the borders using a single tractor and trailer. He then transported the timber co-product to the area’s farms where sawdust was, and still is, in great demand as livestock and pet bedding.

Today A.W Jenkinson Forest Products and its associated businesses handle over 3 million tonnes of roundwood, woodchips, shavings, sawdust, green waste and other timber co-products each year, collected from forestry sites, sawmills and other wood processing industries throughout the UK.

A.W Jenkinson Forest Products’ services link forestry, sawmilling, wood processing, building and demolition sectors with the demands of pulp, paper and panel manufacture, energy generation, agriculture, horticulture and amenity markets in an environmentally responsible cycle that makes maximum use of one of the worlds dwindling resources.

t: 01931 712644
web: website

Andrews Bowen

Suppliers of a range of synthetic surfaces, both waxed and unwaxed, or can 'tailor make' a surface to suit your individual requirements. They also supply a range or arena maintenance equipment.

Please call us on 01955 672103 or visit our website for further details.

t: 01955 672 103
e: ---
web: website

Bliss of London

We are a British manufacturer of the finest quality custom made English Jump, Eventing, Dressage and All-purpose saddles across both the Bliss of London and Loxley by Bliss saddle collections.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience, working alongside our great network of saddle fitters we focus on the benefits of saddle fitting to enhance performance and therefore view each client individually in terms of requirements for both horse and rider.

Bridle work girths and other accessories available.

We pride ourselves in supporting many young talented riders coming up through the ranks in our great sport and look forward to expanding this support with our sponsorship of the Blue-Chip Championships.

t: 0207 1188 123
web: website

Eskadron and Pikeur


Pikeur was established over 60 years ago and has an unrivalled global reputation for riding clothing of the highest quality. Many of the world’s top riders and national teams chose Pikeur because of its superb fit; performance; and contemporary fashion and style.


From the same stable as Pikeur, Eskadron has driven the “matchy-matchy” craze, co-ordinating horse; rider; and even dog with matching outfits. Whilst Pikeur is the world leader in rider fashion, Eskadron leads the way for horses in vogue!

t: 01335 370737
web: website

Espayo Equestrian

At Espayo Equestrian, we specialise in sourcing and stocking the best equestrian products and brands in Europe, including Equiline, Cavalleria Toscana, Kask, Helite, Vestrum and Filli Fabbri.

We are constantly striving to be at the forefront of the latest styles and trends in the equestrian market. We also pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service, whether you are a professional or an aspiring amateur.

If you are searching for a retailer stocking the highest quality products and providing their customers with a personal touch, visit

t: +44 (0)7976 281 875
web: website

Joshua Jones UK

Joshua Jones UK source and market the very best and finest in stylish Italian and European riding clothes and accessories for professional, competition, amateur and recreational equestrian riders.

Our product ranges include many exclusive designs and styles unique to Joshua Jones. These include De Niro Riding Boots made in fine Italian Calf Leather, J Van D tailored jackets in the finest Merino Wool, all hand cut and hand finished with typical Italian style. At Joshua Jones its all about looking good and felling great.

Contact Joshua Jones UK by email, visit our website or simply visit us at Whitemill Barn, Sturminster Marshall, Wimborne, Dorset. BH21 4BX.

t: 01258 858 470
web: website

PRB Horseboxes

Top Quality Horsebox Company - Specializing in New Vehicle Builds, Used Vehicle Sales, MOT’s, Servicing, Small and large refurbishments and any insurance repair requirements.

For further information please call 01568 614638 or visit our website.

t: 01568 614 638
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Seaver is a French company specialising in safety equipment. Their safe fit vest is a market leader in France and one of the favourite air vests for show jumpers.

The safe fit passes all the EU tests and can be customised for a coordinating look. The air vest can be worn over a competition jacket or under one ( as long as the jacket has 15% elastathan).

Distributed by Shaws Equestrian

t: 01335 370737
e: ---
web: website

Socks by Ruby

Say hello to Bamboo freshness, Socks by Ruby are on a mission to revolutionise your sock experience with the remarkable comfort and sustainability of bamboo.

Are you tired of socks that leave your feet feeling hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable? Do you want to make a positive impact on the environment without sacrificing style? Look no further!

Our Bamboo Socks with natural antibacterial properties, offer the perfect blend of elegance, eco-friendliness and super softness for all day wear. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a world of sock luxury like never before.

Join us on this journey of comfort, sustainability, and style as we unveil our premium collection of bamboo socks.

t: ---
web: website

WB Equiline

WB Equiline specialises in supplying premium equestrian brands including Animo, Anna Scarpati, Cavalleria Toscana, De Niro Boots, Ego7, Franco Tucci Boots, F.lli Fabbri, KEP, Manfredi, Tech Stirrups and Tommy Hilfiger Equestrian.

We continue to provide stylish and high quality products to meet every rider's needs. We also ensure riders receive the ultimate shopping experience with a brilliant customer service. Our boot fitting service allows riders to completely customise their boots and we offer a full made to measure service for all our boot brands.

Shop with confidence and scroll our collection of outstanding brands at

t: 01892 861289
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